Asset Owners

Collegiate AC has a philosophy of delivering our client's objectives by first and foremost caring for, and satisfying, our student tenants.

Satisfying students needs

Collegiate's management philosophy is based on treating our students as our primary customers, and by serving their needs and doing all we can to enhance their university experience, achieving our clients objectives. This approach informs our asset management services which can extend to full student accommodation management services for particular types of schemes.

Student accommodation management is a highly complex and challenging task to perform well.  The most important and challenging task is how to care for student tenants, though many do not realise this significance.  The primary focus has to be on creating a great student experience and to achieve this requires a range of approaches, policies, procedures and support systems. Addionally, modern buildings use a great deal of complex plant, and combined with the occupation profile have highly intense health & safety requirements.  The product needs to be marketed to students across the world, and apart from the core student customer there are numerous other key stakeholders - including universities and investors as part of many more.

Collegiate’s team has seven years of experience in managing a range of diverse student accommodation assets, in over 20 cities, and across over 30 student blocks, serving some 30,000 student tenants along the way. Added to this the team have a reputation for continuous development and improvement through which they have satisfied tenants, universities and investors.

Collegiate can provide full student accommodation management services using market-leading technology, global marketing, group procurement, and professional client accounting.

Collegiate AC specialises in particular on high-specification schemes where service quality and customer expectations are superior - within universities and the private sector.  Our skills in this sector are un-paralleled and provide us with an asset management edge.

We also conform to the ANUK student accommodation code of standards and to RICS accounting guidelines.

Asset Owners

  • high-end specification schemes
  • asset management solutions
  • operated sites in over 20 cities
  • managed over 30,000 student tenancies
  • continuos innovation
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Maven Capital Partners has worked closely with Collegiate on two developments. We have a high regard for their knowledge and flair through the design phase and operational experience and professionalism. Collegiate are now our "go-to" manager and we are in active discussions with them on a number of potential new projects. Ramsey Duff
Maven Capital Partners

Student Management

Collegiate’s management philosophy of treating our residents as our first priority, and by serving their needs doing all we can to enhance their university experience, ensures our client’s objectives are achieved.

PRS Management

Working with selected partners, and bringing the experience gained across over 500 projects, Collegiate’s focus on creating sustainable advantage for our asset owners provides a leading solution.

Design & Specification

Collegiate’s approach of working closely with our development partners adds unique value, guiding architects and the design team from initial concept, through shell to final layouts.

Development Support

Collegiate’s expert insight helps developers optimise the design, specification, operational regime, and positioning of their schemes to ensure they achieve a building that has a sustainable competitive edge.