Collegiate helps developers provide schemes with a viable market positioning and

a sustainable competitive advantage, and so are attractive to students and investors

Creating a sustainable advantage

Collegiate’s team has advised on over 500 projects, contributing to some of the latest and most innovative new schemes in the UK.   Our experience is informed by having served over 30,000 student tenants and bringing a consumer-focused strategic marketing approach to design and development.

Innovation in student accommodation is essential to making new and refurbished schemes successful in light of a changing operating environment; with markets becoming more competitive, external factors such as legislation and taxation affecting assets over the medium term, and by the needs and wants of students evolving and coming to the forefront as they start to see they have choices in a market that is becoming more consumer-focused. 

We use our expert insight to help developers and construction firms optimise the design, specification, operational regime, and positioning of their schemes to ensure they can achieve a building that has a sustainable competitive edge.  The infrastructure and services must be able to deliver current and future student requirements in a competitive context and do so in a way that is operationally efficient, safe, and effective so the scheme delivers the sustainable returns investors seek and the sustainability universities require.

To see if we can help you achieve your objectives, contact our Chief Executive, Heriberto Cuanalo, on 07778 198 443 or 


  • finanical operations modeling
  • scheme design and specification
  • M&E review and specification
  • optimising technology infastructure
  • optimising management regimes
  • support to planning consultant
  • support on fire strategy
  • forward sale & disposal support
  • university partnership & nominations
  • life cycle costing analysis
  • asset management services
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Fusion Students are delighted to be working in partnership with Collegiate AC. We share a common vision for innovative, design-led, best-in-class assets, delivering an outstanding experience to our residents. Warren Rosenberg
Co-founder, Fusion Students

Student Management

Collegiate’s management philosophy of treating our residents as our first priority, and by serving their needs doing all we can to enhance their university experience, ensures our client’s objectives are achieved.

PRS Management

Working with selected partners, and bringing the experience gained across over 500 projects, Collegiate’s focus on creating sustainable advantage for our asset owners provides a leading solution.

Design & Specification

Collegiate’s approach of working closely with our development partners adds unique value, guiding architects and the design team from initial concept, through shell to final layouts.

Development Support

Collegiate’s expert insight helps developers optimise the design, specification, operational regime, and positioning of their schemes to ensure they achieve a building that has a sustainable competitive edge.