Services for investors

Collegiate AC helps clients achieve best-practise in design and management, and to successully partner with the private sector. 

Sustainable investment returns

Collegiate AC provides a range of services for investors to help them appraise a student accommodation project and ensure it has, or develops, a viable and sustainable market positioning, and so delivers their target returns into the future. These are substantial investments that benefit from expert support.

The market for student accommodation is becoming increasingly sophisticated with students and parents becoming more aware of choice. The decision to rent in a scheme involves many thousands of pounds and, as in any other purchase in their life, consumers are increasingly looking at the detail and alternatives open to them.  In this context it is essential that schemes have a compelling buying proposition.

Collegiate can assist in appropriately specifying and positioning a scheme within its economic and planning constraints.  The objective is to ensure a scheme is optimised so a sustainable investment emerges that caters for student needs into the future and has a competitive edge for its positioning. We can also reposition and enhance existing schemes.

In addition to design, a scheme's service infrastructure must also be fit for purpose. Conventional systems often do not work in student accommodation blocks and can be expensive to fix retrospectively or leave the scheme at a disadvantage.  This goes for every aspect of the scheme, through from for example fire detection systems to specialist broadband services in what is one of the most demanding user groups that exists.

So if you are an investor wanting the reassurance that your student accommodation investment has been appropriately appraised, positioned, specified, and its design optimised, so it can grow sustainably into the future, Collegiate AC can create value for you.


  • market and positioning appraissal
  • financial operations modelling
  • scheme design and specification
  • M&E review and specification
  • optimising technology infrastructure
  • optimising management regimes
  • support to planning consultant
  • support on fire strategy
  • forward sale & disposal support
  • university partnership and nominations
  • life cycle costing analysis
  • asset management services
  • operations turnaround
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Collegiate recognise that the ultimate customer is the student. By focusing on the consumer experience Collegiate add real value to both the occupier and the investor alike. Collegiate's design-led projects are at the forefront of quality and innovation in the student sector. Their selective and highly focused approach makes it easy for investors and developers to see how they can drive returns as operating partners. James Pullan
Partner, Knight Frank

Student Management

Collegiate’s management philosophy of treating our residents as our first priority, and by serving their needs doing all we can to enhance their university experience, ensures our client’s objectives are achieved.

PRS Management

Working with selected partners, and bringing the experience gained across over 500 projects, Collegiate’s focus on creating sustainable advantage for our asset owners provides a leading solution.

Design & Specification

Collegiate’s approach of working closely with our development partners adds unique value, guiding architects and the design team from initial concept, through shell to final layouts.

Development Support

Collegiate’s expert insight helps developers optimise the design, specification, operational regime, and positioning of their schemes to ensure they achieve a building that has a sustainable competitive edge.