4 UK establishments in top 20 Times Higher Education World University Rankings of outward-looking institutions

8th March 2016

4 UK establishments in top 20 Times Higher Education World University Rankings of outward-looking institutions

With technology making the world ever smaller, bringing a global perspective to higher education has never been more important. According to Times Higher Education, the world’s best universities are those that can be classed as truly global institutions, attracting students from around the world and enjoying international connections and collaborative projects.

Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO of luxury student accommodation provider Collegiate AC, observes,

“Universities aim to both educate and inspire our young people. We live in a world where entrepreneurs and businesses operate at a global level, so it is only fitting that our universities do the same. Students who grasp the possibilities that international collaboration can bring will be well placed to head out into the world of work once they have gained their qualifications.”

The UK scores highly when it comes to global higher education institutions, with four establishments listed in the top 20 of the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings of outward-looking institutions. Imperial College London takes tenth place, the University of Oxford and University College London (UCL) tie for 18th and King’s College London ranks 20th. Switzerland is the only country with more spots in the top 20 than the UK, with five Swiss universities making the grade.

That three of the UK’s four entries are in London is hardly surprising. One of the world’s most global cities, London is know for its cosmopolitan environment and international links. The city’s business connections spread around the world, so it is fitting that its academic credentials do too.

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, UCL takes the top spot for hosting international students when it comes to UK universities. Some 11,850 students from overseas attended the university during 2013-14. And when it comes to courses, it is business and administrative studies that attracts most foreign students to the UK: 38.7% of those studying the subject are from overseas. Engineering and technology comes a close second, with 32.7% and law is third with 25%.

The UK’s international appeal means that student accommodation is in high demand, with overseas as well as domestic students looking for the perfect home during their time at university. This is particularly true of the higher quality accommodation on offer within the sector. In London, a property offering en-suite bathrooms and a leafy garden with barbecue area, like Collegiate’s Halsmere Studios, is highly prized. In the same way that the Times Higher Education has flagged up those institutions that go above and beyond, so too are students seeking out properties that do the same.

With student numbers on the rise and demand for superior accommodation reaching new levels, the UK’s global higher education institutions and the properties that support them certainly seem to have a bright future ahead of them.

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