Blurring the boundaries - new Southampton show suite sets new luxurious standard for students

9th April 2015

Blurring the boundaries - new Southampton show suite sets new luxurious standard for students

University life is a key stage in preparing students for independent living. They are encouraged to think in new ways and to acquire the practical skills needed to survive in the ‘real world’ upon leaving the safety net of academic life behind. From cooking to financial management, students have to master lessons that will be with them for life.

Yet at the same time many students are still young and unused to the ways of the world, meaning that experiences during their university days can impact on them for years to come.

Eri Cuanalo, CEO of leading student accommodation provider Collegiate AC, explains,

“During their university education, many students will undergo experiences related to independent living that will set their expectations for life. University years are such an important part of growing up and this is something that Collegiate has factored into its accommodation offering up and down the country.”

Cuanalo is referring to Collegiate’s blurring of the boundaries between luxury living and student housing. Life in halls is passé for many reasons and modern students are beginning to understand that they are just as deserving of high spec accommodation during their university days as they will expect to be once they start work.

In this vein, Collegiate has proudly announced the opening of its new show suite at the company’s Brunswick Apartments in Southampton. Just as potential homebuyers can tour a new development’s show suite to get a feel for how their life there could look, so too can students in Southampton tour a show suite at the Brunswick Apartments.

“We want to drive up standards in the student accommodation sector,” comments Cuanalo. “There used to be a huge disparity between the quality of accommodation available to students and young professionals. Given that students will in a few short years become the next batch of young professionals, it seems only right that their accommodation expectations should be of the same standard.”

At Brunswick Apartments, this means a strong emphasis on style and contemporary design. The one, two and three bedroom apartments use space cleverly to maximize storage while leaving a spacious feel. Each student has their own dedicated study area and en suite facilities. High gloss kitchens and flat screen TVs set the tone for this modern and elegant student lifestyle. Brunswick Apartments also benefit from an on-site cinema, games and common rooms, a private gym and peaceful work rooms.

With the new show suite open to highlight to those in Southampton the possibilities for contemporary student life in a stunning setting, it looks like Collegiate’s goal of driving up student accommodation standards just got a little bit closer.

For more information on student accommodation from Collegiate in Southampton, email or call 02380 000601.

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