Chinese New Year may be over, but Chinese student numbers mean there’s still plenty to celebrate

30th March 2015

Chinese New Year may be over, but Chinese student numbers mean there’s still plenty to celebrate

As the firecracker smoke fades from the air and the last of the confetti is swept away, this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations have finally drawn to a close. But increasing Chinese student numbers mean that, for the UK’s universities at least, there is still plenty to celebrate.

In fact, when it comes to full time masters courses, foreign students accounted for 74% of the overall intake during 2013/14. Chinese students accounted for 25% of the intake, up 23% from the previous academic year. For full time postgraduate courses, the number of Chinese students starting in 2013/14 was up by 9% on 2012/13. The figures show that Chinese postgraduate students represented 37% of all non-EU entrants to UK universities in 2013/14.

Pioneering student accommodation provider Collegiate AC is one of the organisations set to benefit from the increase in Chinese students coming to study in the UK. Collegiate CEO Eri Cuanalo comments,

“Chinese students are an important part of the UK’s university makeup, as indeed are students who come here from elsewhere in the world. In simple financial terms, foreign students mean additional income for universities and for the towns in which they reside. There is also the talent pool element, with the best and brightest students from overseas choosing to bring their passion for knowledge to the UK.”

Many of those bright young things will choose to stay on in the UK once their formal education is complete, adding to the country’s diverse business culture and becoming part of the next generation of freshly graduated professionals. Others will return home, taking an affinity for the UK with them as well as links that may serve them well in future years for international business ventures between the two countries.

“It’s a win-win situation,” continues Eri Cuanalo. “The UK benefits from having so many Chinese students come to study here and then benefits again from those who choose to build careers here after completing their university education. They are the entrepreneurs and CEOs of the future, enhancing the richness and competitiveness of the UK’s business climate.”

As a leading provider of student accommodation, the opportunities relating to housing so many Chinese students is of course not lost on Collegiate. The company’s data has shown that leading cities such as London and Edinburgh are particularly popular with those coming from overseas in order to study in the UK. Eri concludes,

“Students from overseas want to experience as much of the UK as possible during their time here. They want to be housed in high quality accommodation that is well located for exploring the city they live in, as well as for the university they attend. It’s why Collegiate’s sites are proving so popular with those from overseas – they find that our blend of facilities and top location are just what they are looking for to make the most of their time in the UK.”

For more information on premier student accommodation from Collegiate, email or call 01235 250 140. 

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