Rising numbers drive up demand for student accommodation across the UK

3rd February 2015

Rising numbers drive up demand for student accommodation across the UK

2014 was a landmark year for the UK’s higher education system, with record numbers of students placed at the country’s universities and colleges. For the first time, the number of students given a place at a higher education establishment exceeded half a million, according to official figures from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). The 512,400 placements during 2014 were up 3.4% on the 2013 figure, with record numbers of both domestic students and students from overseas given a higher education place.

Eri Cuanalo, CEO of Collegiate, one of the UK’s top providers of contemporary student accommodation, comments,

“The UCAS End of Cycle Report revealed some excellent news regarding those accessing higher education in the UK. It’s not just school leavers who have been placed at universities and colleges in higher numbers, but also those in the 20-24 and over 25s age groups, which is excellent news.

“Of course, the knock on effect of the situation is increased pressure on student accommodation and those of us in the property sector have had to act fast in order to ensure that students are provided with suitable, contemporary lodgings during their studies.”

Collegiate’s own accommodation focuses on modern, stylish studio, cluster and studio apartments, with each student enjoying fully equipped kitchens and their own en suite bathrooms. Many buildings also have a range of extras designed to appeal to students of all ages, from gyms to cinema rooms. Clever use of space ensures that desk and storage areas are available for studying, while comfortable seating and flat screen TVs allow for relaxation.

Already with a presence in 13 leading UK cities, Collegiate’s expansion plans encompass at least a further four locations, as demand for their brand has spiked. The company’s commitment to high spec interiors, prime locations and a fixed rental price which includes bills has proven a winning combination with students and bookings are already being taken for the academic year starting in September 2015.

When one considers the total number of students enrolled in UK higher education establishments, rather than just the one cohort that the UCAS numbers are based on, the figures are actually quite staggering. Some 2.38 million students were studying for qualifications or credits at the UK’s 161 higher education establishments during the 2012/13 academic year, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

Collegiate’s Eri Cuanalo comments,

“When you look at the figures you begin to get an idea of the pressure that is on student accommodation in the UK. For years this has led to students being housed in inappropriate lodgings, from run-down houses to bedsits in less salubrious areas of some of our cities. It was long past time that the situation changed and now, thanks to companies like Collegiate, the sector is finally moving towards modern, well designed accommodation that lets students begin their independence appropriately.”

For more information on the UK’s most contemporary student accommodation, visit www.collegiate-ac.com or contact Collegiate on 01235 250 140.

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