Sophisticated branding makes its mark on UK student accommodation

28th May 2015

Sophisticated branding makes its mark on UK student accommodation

The Knight Frank Student Property 2014 report has provided some interesting insights into the student property sector within the UK. James Pullan, Head of Student Property, remarks in the report,

“The sector has undergone a funding revolution but in many respects the best is yet to come.”

One of the most interesting aspects of this revolution in UK student property has been the change in approach to branding and marketing that accommodation providers have undertaken.

Laura Richardson, Head of Marketing of leading student accommodation provider Collegiate AC, comments,

“Building a brand within the student accommodation sector is an essential part of success for those looking to further their business. Students are very brand savvy these days and the power of marketing can have a big impact on accommodation providers’ bottom line. At the same time, investors want to support a brand that they can trust and that is known for providing good quality accommodation that is much in demand.”

From the outset, Collegiate has worked to ensure that its brand is synonymous with its company values. That means providing high spec accommodation that provides students with the comfort and security that they need to live and study in peace during their university days.

Collegiate is also known for the luxurious quality of its accommodation, which blends innovative design with contemporary furnishings in order to create highly desirable apartments. It is a message that has resounded well with students, who have engaged with Collegiate’s design-led approach to accommodation and with the company’s policy of including fun and funky features like in-house cinemas, as well as practical facilities like on-site laundries.

Collegiate’s signature combination of practical features and stunning design has helped to shape its unique brand and ensure that it stands out from other providers. In all aspects of its accommodation (room design, furnishings, facilities, etc.), Collegiate has aimed to be a best in class provider and this is precisely what has enabled the company to develop so well.

The Knight Frank Student Accommodation 2014 report points out that,

“Occupational demand is now on a firm upward trajectory and all core UK markets are structurally undersupplied with student accommodation. The new equity is excited by the opportunity sophisticated branding and targeted marketing could bring to the sector.”

It is an exciting time for Collegiate to be part of this market, particularly as the company is such a strong part of the ‘sophisticated branding’ referred to by the report. As CEO Eri Cuanalo concludes,

“Many providers of student accommodation within the UK are trying to play catch up so far as their brands are concerned. It is really pleasing that Collegiate’s brand is already so well developed and so well known across the country. Ultimately, the standard of the accommodation that we provide is the key to our success, but it is great to know that our branding is spot on as well. ”

For more information on the UK’s most contemporary student accommodation, visit or contact Collegiate on 01235 250 140.

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