Student property grows up, with new show suite open at Bristol’s Water Lane Apartments

16th April 2015

Student property grows up, with new show suite open at Bristol’s Water Lane Apartments

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question we are asked throughout our youth. For many, it is a question they are still asking themselves during their university days (and, indeed, some continue to ask it well into their working lives).

In the same way that we grow up and gain new skills, abilities and knowledge, so too do our expectations mature. University life is a significant part of the growing up process and, just as students grow and mature, so does the type of property that they live in.

Now, pioneering student accommodation provider Collegiate AC is helping student property to grow up as well, by implementing new features and driving up standards across the sector. Part of the maturation process has been to incorporate the elements that one might expect in a new build starter home into the properties on offer to students.

Eri Cuanalo, CEO of Collegiate, explains,

“Gone are the days of students having to ‘make do’ with chilly, inferior accommodation. Modern students have much higher expectations when it comes to the property they stay in during their university days. They research thoroughly to find out what a city has to offer and where they want to be in relation to the university and the city’s other attractions, like shopping centres and nightlife.

“Now, Collegiate is bringing elements of the residential property market into the student accommodation sector in Bristol. At the Water Lane Apartments, we have just launched our first show home in the city, which allows potential residents to come and catch a glimpse of life at Water Lane, just as they would if buying a new build apartment.”

The concept has been well received, according to Cuanalo, particularly in light of Water Lane’s status as providing some of Bristol’s most exceptional student accommodation. The beautiful en suite studio apartments feature high-specification Corian kitchens, flat-screen TV’s and double beds, and have been designed with postgraduate students in particular in mind.

Water Lane Apartments feature a range of excellent communal facilities, including a private on-site gym, work/study rooms, a common room, an in-house cinema, a private dining room and a reading room. A pretty garden terrace complements the indoor facilities and there is even an on-site laundry to take care of part of the practical side of independent living.

The new show suite will show off Water Lane Apartments to all those considering living there, letting prospective residents see first hand how luxurious and well designed the site is. Demand for Collegiate’s superior accommodation in Bristol is already so strong that Collegiate has opened three sites in the city and, thanks to the show suite, it is now expected to increase even more.

For more information on student accommodation from Collegiate at Bristol’s Water Lane Apartments, email or call 0117 325 3940.

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