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Collegiate AC helps clients achieve best-practise in design and management, and to successfully partner with the private sector.

Student living. Just better.

Collegiate AC helps universities achieve a range of objectives by bringing industry-leading expertise and innovation to assignments – with a pragmatic, experienced, and informed approach sensitive to the university context.

The focus of universities on delivering teaching and research excellence is a vast task which defines an institution and focuses resources.  The accommodation facility and environment is integral to the student experience and highly complex - Collegiate AC can help ensure that despite scarce resources a university can operate this key area at the leading-edge of the market.  

So whether you are undertaking a review to ensure your accommodation management systems and process are keeping pace with leading industry practice;  or specifying a new building and would like input from a team that has worked on a large number of the UK’s latest and most innovative student blocks; Collegiate AC can support you. 

We can also provide full student accommodation management services, as we do for our private clients, so a university can benefit from the commercial efficacy of our operations, with the comfort of a proven student-focused management team that has overseen the care of some 30,000 student tenants.

To have a private and informal chat about how we do things, and to see if we can help you achieve your objectives, call our Chief Executive, Heriberto Cuanalo on 07778 198 443.


  • benchmarking
  • design & specification
  • strategy
  • procurement
  • using technology
  • partnership relationships
  • nominations and SLA's
  • life cycle costing analysis
  • accommodation asset management
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We had a major project to convert a property into student accommodation. Collegiate presented us with a clear vision and a committed team that gave us the confidence to proceed. We are delighted with the final product and that it came in on time and created value for Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity. Gail Macdonald
Estates Manager, Guy's and St Thomas' Charity

Student Management

Collegiate’s management philosophy of treating our residents as our first priority, and by serving their needs doing all we can to enhance their university experience, ensures our client’s objectives are achieved.

PRS Management

Working with selected partners, and bringing the experience gained across over 500 projects, Collegiate’s focus on creating sustainable advantage for our asset owners provides a leading solution.

Design & Specification

Collegiate’s approach of working closely with our development partners adds unique value, guiding architects and the design team from initial concept, through shell to final layouts.

Development Support

Collegiate’s expert insight helps developers optimise the design, specification, operational regime, and positioning of their schemes to ensure they achieve a building that has a sustainable competitive edge.